Welcome to Repel Music Distribution

Repel Music Distribution offers global digital media solutions that provide maximum market penetration and visibility for artists, labels, and businesses. We provide packages that will help you maximize your potential sales in a music industry where revenue models are constantly changing. Comprehensive packages and add-on services are available to ensure that your media content including; music, video and ringtones are delivered to their to their proper retail streaming and broadcasting outlets.

  • We provide video content delivery to mobile companies that will allow you to create revenue from streaming and direct to consumer downloads.
  • If you are a record label or business please contact us directly about bulk ingestion discounts and other incentives for your company.
  • Artists - check out our INDIE PRO BUNDLE and get your music available on the maximum amount of platforms available in today's industry.
  • There is not one other service around that will include extensive ringtone delivery and jukebox placements with their packages at these pricing points.